Exploratory Call

This 60-minute exploratory call is available for a PA program director or faculty member who want to discuss a specific problem regarding their PA program.


When you schedule an exploratory call, you will fill out an intake form to ensure the consultant already has vital information at the time of the call. During the 60-minute meeting, we will troubleshoot issues within your PA program and discuss possible strategies to overcome them. At the conclusion of the call, we will establish a simple action plan.


There is no limit to the number of exploratory calls you may book.


Though this exploratory call is intended to solve issues within your PA program, it does not cover complex issues. If you're not sure which situations may be considered complex, please book a call and fill out the intake form—we will then notify you whether it is beyond the scope of an exploratory call.

Due to the nature of an exploratory call, no documents may be submitted prior to the call for the consultant to review.

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