Feasibility Exploration

 This process leads to the development of a feasibility study, which is an expectation from ARC-PA for developing PA programs prior to entering the Provisional Pathway. 


This service is for institutions of higher education considering the development of a PA program.


Massey & Martin, LLC will prepare a brief report providing an overview of PA education, a custom environmental assessment, and a review of likely challenges and opportunities. An onsite visit will then be scheduled, where the report will be presented with opportunities for university officials and interested parties to pose questions and gather additional information. 


 Massey & Martin, LLC will conduct interviews with: 

  • Department chairs 

  • Communications/marketing representatives 

  • Faculty representatives 

  • VPAA 

  • CFO 

  • HR 

  • Student affairs officer 

  • PA program director search committee 

  • Board of trustees representatives 

  • PA program director, regarding PA program and curriculum development 


Massey & Martin, LLC will also conduct a site tour and background research necessary to complete a demographic analysis of PA program location/competition. The onsite visit will be conducted by Dr. Scott Massey or Dr. Helen Martin in order to facilitate implementation of the feasibility study. 

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