Probation Focused Visit 


This package is designed for PA programs who were awarded accreditation-probation by the ARC-PA. Due to the unique nature of each PA program’s challenges, our strategic approach is dependent upon the required reports and SSR. A comprehensive analysis of the PA program’s infrastructure is necessary when implementing this service. 


 Massey & Martin, LLC will provide the following services: 

  • Facilitate planning and implementation of the modified SSR and other required reports within the timeframe required by the ARC-PA 

  • Facilitate the paradigm shift from a descriptive format to an analytic format 

  • Provide consultation on the curriculum development, including unlimited access to intellectual property necessary to achieve provisional standards 

  • Conduct a comprehensive root analysis regarding the program’s probationary status 

  • Conduct extensive document review with the program director 

  • Provide consultation on the accreditation process 

  • Review and provide input on curriculum and programmatic assessment process 

  • Comprehensive program assessment of the didactic and clinical curriculum with assessment and recommendations for improvement delineated in detail 

  • Assist with the drafting of probation-focused self-study report to include a review of all documents and appendices prior to transmittal to ARC-PA 

  • Conduct a probation focused visit; conducted by Dr. Scott Massey and Dr. Helen Martin

    • Completion of comprehensive report regarding perspective on PA program’s relative compliance with ARC-PA standards 

    • Provide final report, including potential citations and recommendations for improvement prior to actual site visit 

    • Provide assistance with responses to any citations given after ARC-PA site visit

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