How Your PA Program Can Manage Data Overload

According to the 4th PAEA Faculty Report (2020), the number of personnel or faculty members dedicated to data analysis is lacking:

  • Only 10 faculty members were designated as research coordinators

  • 2 faculty members were designated as data analysts

  • 3 faculty members were designated as researchers

Since the implementation of the 5th Edition Standards, the volume of data has only increased. How are PA programs supposed to handle the large volume of data required to flow through programs annually? If your PA program is anxious about managing data overload, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are a couple options available to address this issue.

First, PA programs can call on faculty members to be involved with data analysis. Or they may instead choose to hire staff members to generate the required tabulated data sets sufficient for program committees to make the appropriate modifications. Finally, PA programs may outsource the tabulation and generation of data sets that will best facilitate appropriate action plans. This option allows the tabulation and generation to be scheduled throughout the calendar year so assessment committees will be provided longitudinally with the appropriate information.

With this in mind, Massey & Martin, LLC has developed an affordable option for PA programs grappling with data overload. We now provide PA programs with comprehensive data services to ensure they are continuously in compliance. The data managers employed by Massey & Martin, LLC will return the raw data in appropriate formats required for Appendix 14 Self-Study Reports. For PA programs lacking experience with interpreting data, we offer a second tier, which includes time with a consultant to provide interpretation and guidance throughout the process.

We’ve ensured our services are affordable in comparison to hiring an internal staff member. We also include more advanced parametric analysis from our statisticians, providing annual statistical reports. Schedule a FREE call to discuss your PA program’s needs regarding data analysis!

This service is also offered using a menu of data analysis. Each respective element of the Appendix 14 is described in terms of the required data analysis. For further information, check out our in-depth description of the process.

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