ARC-PA Site Visits Made Ridiculously Easy, Part 3: Application and Appendices

Updated: May 19, 2020

This is part of a blog series, ARC-PA Accreditation Site Visits Made Ridiculously Easy. See Part 1 and Part 2.

When it comes to preparing for an ARC-PA site visit, you hold the power to make the process ridiculously easy or laboriously difficult. We at Massey & Martin, LLC understand the process can feel overwhelming, so we’re providing a thorough walkthrough of the five distinct development phases of preparing for a site visit to help you feel ready. These phases are:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Execution

  • Application and Appendices

  • Triangulation

  • Final Preparation

In Part 1, we focused on Strategic Planning. In Part 2, we looked at the Execution involved in preparing for a site visit. Here in Part 3, we will focus on the Preparation of the ARC-PA Application and Appendices.

Sample: Application and Appendices Timeline

Before you begin writing the application, assign your Administrative Assistant to type the ARC-PA Provisional, Provisional Monitoring, Final Provisional, or Continuing Accreditation Application. Massey & Martin, LLC highly recommends using Word in order to keep track of changes made; the template for the application is not quite user friendly, so keeping track is very important.

As you write the response to each standard, be sure to answer the specific standard—and that standard only. Often, PA Programs may find themselves including additional information unrelated to the standard in question. Remember to stay on topic.

Finally, Massey & Martin, LLC reminds you it is helpful to start each of your responses by repeating the standard. By consistently writing your responses in this manner, you will ensure your PA Program addresses each standard without adding unnecessary information. See below for an example.

A2.05 Principal faculty and the program director must actively participate in the processes of:

    a) Developing, reviewing, and revising as necessary the mission statement for the


Provide narrative describing how the program plans to demonstrate and review compliance with A2.05a.

“The University of ABC, Principal faculty, and the Program Director actively participate in the process of developing, reviewing, and revising as necessary the mission statement the program. The program plans to demonstrate and review compliance by reviewing and revising the mission statement at the annual administrative retreat.”

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