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Faculty Development



This package provides support to PA programs by assessing individual program needs and designing development programs for the program faculty. These services can be adapted based on the experience level of the faculty members.

Methods of Service

Faculty development is, by nature, longitudinal. Implementation of this package begins with an onsite or virtual workshop, followed by monthly sessions with the faculty. Individual scholarship projects can be supervised.

Topics for Faculty Development Program

The Faculty Development Workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Syllabus course design

  • Writing educational objectives

  • Constructing exams

  • Assessment strategies

  • Grading strategies

  • Motivating students

  • Classroom management

  • Presentation and communication skills

  • Self-reflection, teaching philosophy development

  • Incorporating artistic and scholarly projects

  • Assistance with institutional portfolios

Scholarship Development

Many universities require PA faculty to develop and present a scholarship for purposes of promotion and tenure. This package includes basic research skills development and longitudinal mentorship provided by Scott Massey, PhD, PA-C.


"Massey & Martin, LLC were reliable and responsive PA program consultants. Their expertise and commitment to education, assessment, research, and development is quite obvious and invaluable."

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Raising Your PANCE

Pass Rate Workshop


If your PA program experienced a recent drop in first-time test taker pass rates on the PANCE, this individualized workshop will show you how to raise the pass rates for the class of 2020. This 1-1.5 day workshop provides a comprehensive overview about how to identify students at risk for underperforming on the PANCE.

Educational Objectives

  • Describe how to identify students at risk based on predicted scores generated from program-specific summative examinations and PACKRAT

  • Describe how to implement an advisory system for at-risk students and facilitate the development of study contracts

  • Understand how to apply sound educational principles to reinforce effective study techniques

  • Gain ability to effectively intervene for students extremely at risk of failing the PANCE near the end of the clinical year

  • Be able to use external Test Banks and exams, such as the NCCPA practice exams, to determine students' readiness to take the PANCE

Topics for Raising Your PANCE Pass Rate

This one-day workshop will provide the tools for you to raise your students pass rate immediately. This workshop will include the following components:

  • Reflection about PANCE performance

  • Designing advanced assessment systems to predict PANCE performance

  • Using student performance to determine student remediation

  • Primer on student study skills

  • Clinical year early intervention plan

  • PA Program-specific PANCE retrospective data

  • Case studies and applied practice

Additional Information

This on-site interactive workshop is conducted by Scott Massey, PhD, PA-C, a recognized expert who has extensively researched how formative and summative exams can be used to predict PANCE performance. Dr. Massey has spent more than 20 years developing intervention programs to identify students who need additional remediation.

Standing Meeting

"The Student Success Workshop provided valuable information and was extremely engaging. I wish we could do this again mid-semester as we start into the process!"

—B. Yerkes, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Student Success Workshop


This workshop is for faculty in the early stages of their educational career, as well as for seasoned faculty who require assistance with promotion and tenure. The student success program design and delivery will be guided by relevant theoretical frameworks, including principles of self-directed learning, reflective practice, and situated learning.

Educational Objectives

  • Provide formational skills to ensure appropriate student remediation 

  • Incorporate structure, policies, and procedures to ensure a protocol-based approach to all students

  • Implement appropriate interventions to ensure students are provided appropriate referrals in the area of stress and personal issues

  • Conduct personal reflections to ensure past experiences will not impact effectiveness when intervening with students at risk for failure or deceleration

Topics for Student Success

The Student Success workshop includes several basic, proven intervention methods to ensure student success during their time in the PA program. This includes personal reflection and the development of individual philosophies involving remediation and intervention of students at risk. 

In a Meeting

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5th Edition Standards Workshop


The purpose of this one- or two-day workshop is to comprehensively review the new 5th Edition Standards regarding the Self-Study Report. Programs can elect to request either a one-day workshop only or the two-day package.

Day One

This 8-hour workshop will introduce the program to the new requirements for Appendix 14. This includes an overview of the data assessment requirements for the following elements of Appendix 14:

  • Appendix 14 A: Timeline for Data Gathering and Analysis

  • Appendix 14 B: Administrative Aspects of the Program and Institutional Resources

  • Appendix 14 C: Effectiveness of the Didactic Curriculum

  • Appendix 14 D: Effectiveness of the Clinical Curriculum

  • Appendix 14 E: Preparation of Graduates to Achieve Program Defined Competencies

  • Appendix 14 F: PANCE Performance 

  • Appendix 14 G: Sufficiency and Effectiveness of Principal and Instructional Faculty and Staff

  • Appendix 14 H: Success in Meeting the Program’s Goals

  • Planning for the Future-Next Steps


This workshop will incorporate the individual programs on data sources to provide examples of how the data collection data analysis, conclusions based on the data, and action plans can be incorporated.

Day Two (Optional)

The second day of the 5th Edition Standards Workshop incorporates methodology on how to bring your assessment system to the next level. Your PA program will be provided with exemplars of how committee structure and data analysis can be systematized, including examples of graphical and tabular self-assessment plans, which can be incorporated into the program’s internal assessment process. The overview covered in the first day will then be incorporated into these advanced elements. The workshop facilitator will guide the program as they adopt new assessment methods to ensure compliance with the 5th Edition Standards.

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